Full of nature, cottages with streams, natural spas, BBQ, local cuisinesYou can enjoy nature in our accommodation

Nantan Hiyoshi Kyoto is rich in nature
Hiyoshi Forest Resort is surrounded by natural environment.
Around the accommodation there are streams.
we also have enjoyable cottages with BBQ spaces
and the Natural Spa is located in our main building
We are flexible with the use of our facilities.
For example, staying, day use of BBQ, wood crafting etc…
Also another appeal point is delicious cuisines made from fresh local ingredients.
Our resort, Hiyoshi Forest Resort, offers precious moments for all guests.


Flexible accommodation plans

We welcome all groups of people like couples, family, friends etc.
We have nature-rich cottages,
traditional Japanese main building and big capacity cottages
that can accept at maximum 12 people in each.


Main Building

Main Building

Guests can forget
about the worries of
daily life here.

The building is cozy and offers fresh air. You can enjoy natural spa and local cuisines. Food plan is changeable to BBQ and hot pot meals.

About the main building accommodation plan

Old fashioned (Traditional) Japanese rooms

Each guest room has traditional Japanese furniture,for example “Shoji” which are Japanese sliding doors.
In these rooms you can experience traditional Japan lifestyle.
Also in winter you can experience old Japanese customs through “Irori” which is Japanese hearth and
“Kotatsu” which is a Japanese Heated table which the whole family can sit under.

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acilities of the main building

  • ReceptionistReceptionistThe reception is located at the front of the old Japanese building, open 24 hours. Therefore, you can ask any requests whenever you want.
  • Japanese-style guest roomsJapanese-style guest roomswe have two types of this room. 12㎡and 6㎡ In winter they are equipped with Kotatsu.
  • IroriIroriThe Japanese hearth, Irori is located in the lobby of main building where also reception is located.
  • HallHallOur Hall can accept at maximum 40 people for various purposes like banquet.
  • Dining hallDining hallthe room is available for having breakfast and dinner. Also you can order special Japanese curry and coffee.
  • Natural Spa (Shared)Natural Spa (Shared)(the spa makes you refresh)/Refresh yourself with our Spa. Charter spa is available for only our guests but you have to make reservation. (Guests : free / Day-use guests : 500 yen)
  • Wash room (shared)Wash room (shared)Our wash room is user friendly for all people. The room has barrier free functions.
  • Toilet (shared)Toilet (shared)Our toilets also has Barrier free functions.
  • NotificationNotificationWe offer all amenities in our main building. However, since we don’t offer pajama, we ask that you please bring your own or borrow it at the reception.



A special space
to enjoy nature.

In front of these, is a stream in which freshwater crabs live and at the back is a forest. The cottages surrounded by nature and are sure to make you feel relaxed.
Each cottage has BBQ equipment and some have parking space. Also you can make use of natural spa at the main building.

About cottage accommodation plan

Japanese style cottages

Our cottages are made from Kitayama sugi, Kyoto’s representative Japanese cedar. (Flavour of the ingredients?)
makes you cozy and you can sleep typical Japanese style by sleeping on top of the tatami with futons.

  • Japanese style cottages
  • Japanese style cottages

Facilities of cottage

  • Premium CottagePremium Cottagesituated apart from other types of cottages so you can truly be at peace. A stream runs in front of these cottages too. We recommended family and small groups to use these cottages.
  • Normal cottageNormal cottageNearby these cottages are rivers and forests. A BBQ space can also be found close by. We family and small groups for these, too.
  • Outdoor BBQ spaceOutdoor BBQ spaceThis roofed area is next to each cottage. You can enjoy relax and grill right outside your cottage.

  • NotificationAll cottages have a shower room and a toilet room but are not equipped amenities, pajamas. You can either bring your own amenities or borrow/buy these at main building’s reception.
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BBQ in Summer and
Hot Pot meals in Winter

You do not have to bring anything for BBQ.
You can eat at Roof-topped BBQ space or the nearby cottages.
From Autumn to Winter We offer many kinds of
Hot pot meals and course meal at the hall.
We strictly chose local farmers to offer fresh and nutritious cuisines.


Our Head chef is really particular about ingredients.

Our Head chef is really particular about ingredients.

  • The key of the taste is
    the nature of Hiyoshi area.

    Nantan city, Hiyoshi, where our resort is located is surrounded by mountains and forests. Well nutritious, clean water flows to the rivers and sunk into ground. Crops grown by using these grounds and water is really fresh and are abundant in nutrition.

  • Specifically picked ingredients

    Our Head chef is really strict about ingredients. He has tasted many meals from all over Japan, however, he is sure that the ones in Hino is the best he has ever had. For that reason he uses ingredients grown in Hino. Ms Yuasa and Mr Funakoshi, who are both staff and suppliers of ingredients, offer many vegetables like radishes, spinach, black beans and cabbages.

We all looking forward to pleasing you with our extraordinarily delicious cuisines.

  • BBQBBQYou do not have to bring anything. BBQ with our fresh local ingredients. In case of rain, you can do BBQ inside the roofed area.
  • Hot Pot mealsHot Pot mealsHot pot meals is the best to warm us in the cold months. We use many local ingredients. Mixed ingredients Hot pot.
  • YamanogozenYamanogozenWe offer local cuisines such as roll sushi and mixed vegetable rice used seasonal fresh ingredients.
  • Course styleCourse styleIn each cuisine, seasonal fresh local ingredients are used. Year round, you will be satisfied with our course meal.
  • BreakfastBreakfastFresh local rice with some meal such as Kenchin-Jiru soup which is Japanese traditional soup.
  • LunchLunchWe offer special curry filled with Tanba beef, which is one of the best beef brands in Japan. Our head chef highly recommends it.

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Original Japanese scenery

You can enjoy stunning Japanese original scenery
such as small villages around our resort. In the
night, the fresh air let you see magnificent starry
sky. Also, you might come across herds of deer.

Also many places are easy to access by using bus
or JR trains. Therefore, Our resort can be your
basement for your Japanese stunning view trip.


  • Japanese style cottages
  • Japanese style cottages
  • Springs HiyoshiSprings HiyoshiSpring Hiyoshi is a roadside station with natural hot springs. It is located below Hiyoshi Dam. The station has many facilities for instance a warm water swimming pool, a Gym, a golf ground, a restaurant and so on. You can also rent bicycles there.
    【20 minutes by car】
  • Miyama Kayabuki no SatoMiyama Kayabuki no SatoThis place is very popular amongst tourists for their old fashioned Japanese architecture.
    【40 minutes by car】
  • Road station Miyama Fureai PlazaRoad station Miyama Fureai PlazaThe Road station is surrounded by man mountains.(man-made?) In the station, special local products and puddings are very popular. We welcome everyone to our road station.
    【40 minutes by car】

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Hot spa

Our resort has natural hot spas.

Our guest can make use of these spas for free.
Day-use guests cost 500 yen to use these spas.

Free pick-up

Free pick-up system.

We can pick all guests up at JR Sannin line, Hiyoshi station.
Feel free to ask!

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Map of
our facilities
Our resort has an environment to
enjoy nature.Premium Cottage,
Cottages, Workshop,
BBQ Space, Main building,